Blueberry Sour (Case)


Mango Berliner Weisse 4.0%

24 x 375 ml Mango Berliner Weisse

Rich mango flavour using Kensington Pride Mango puree from Queensland in a tart and slightly acidic ale. The acidity is balanced well in this beer so it won’t turn your mouth inside out and the beautiful Kenginston Pride Mango make this an awesome tropical beer for the warmer weather.

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Blueberry Berliner Weisse 3.5%

24 x 375 ml Blueberry Berliner Weisse

Whole tart blueberries from one of our great local farms right here in the Whitlands at the top of the valley in a soured ale. The acidity is balanced well in this beer and lifts the blueberry flavour. A wonderful pink hue from the skins and an earthy and rich aroma Combined with some subtle doughiness from the underlying sour ale this is beer is not only refreshing but really complements food.

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