King Mitta - Baltic Porter

King Mitta, Baltic Porter - A Euro Inspired Collab Beer


We are thrilled to share King Mitta Baltic Porter, the exciting collaboration between King River Brewing and Mitta Mitta Brewing. Together, we embarked on a brewing adventure to create a truly special beer, a delicious Baltic Porter!  

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Drawing inspiration from the rich brewing traditions of Eastern Europe, our collaboration brew combines the craftsmanship of both our breweries who specialise in European style beers. The Baltic Porter has an ebony hue with ruby highlights, a luscious tan head, and enticing aromas of roasted coffee, dark chocolate, and a hint of liquorice. There is a smooth, velvety mouthfeel complementing the robust malt backbone with a dry finish, beckoning another sip. Dangerous!

Mitta and KRB Brewing

Working with Tim from Mitta Mitta Brewing, we combined the finest ingredients, attention to detail, and a shared passion for brewing amazing Euro beers. We selected a blend of high-quality malts from Voyager Craft Malt, including rich roasted barley, Munich malt, and specially roasted dark caramel malts. The result is a deep, complex malt profile that is the hallmark of the Baltic Porter style.

To balance the malt sweetness and add layers of flavour, we incorporated a selection of noble German and Czech hops, adding subtle bitterness and delicate herbal and earthy notes to this beer. The yeast used is a lager strain and it contributes to the beer's clean profile while allowing the malt and hop flavours to shine through.

This collaboration brew is a testament to the collaborative spirit and shared dedication to brewing excellence that High Country Brewers possess. Mitta Mitta Brewing and King River Brewing, proudly embody this collaborative spirit. We are immensely proud of the Baltic Porter we have created together, and we invite beer enthusiasts to experience a truly wonderful beer.

There limited in availability of this wonderful beer.

Whether enjoyed on its own or paired with hearty dishes or rich cheese, this beer promises to elevate your drinking experience. Raise your glass, savour the craftsmanship, and celebrate the spirit of collaboration with our delicious Baltic Porter!


Mitta King Baltic Porter




Nathan, Brianna, Tim, Jen, Alec, Chris and the collective KRB and Mitta Brewing teams!